Bayr Partners is a business and investment consultancy company. We foster a strong sense of devotion to win the client’s trust and responds flexibly to changing client needs. With a clear mission to secure your business cases in Mongolia, the company helps you from when you decide to establish your business presence and provides a complete range of consultancy services tailored to your specific goals and investment philosophy throughout the duration of your investment in the country. We also welcome domestic businesses seeking international presence, and are enthusiastic to assist those business entities for the creation of values. Bayr Partners is also the parent of Bayr Advisory, which specialises in public policy and economic impact analysis.


Our mission is to fulfill the needs of professional services critical to your investment success in Mongolia and internationally, and serve as a middleman for your business.


A sort of work environment in where the employees would be motivated to perform at their peak and are enabled to grow together with the company.
A sort of commitment to quality and clients’ satisfaction gives our friends in this industry something to aspire to.
A sort of company whose expertise enables it to do even more good and help even more people to make their lives better.

Mongolia at Glance

Population 3.1 million

7 in 10 under 40, Literacy 98%

Area 605,000

19th largest country


4 distinct seasons

Time zone

UTC +7/+8


Mongolian national tugrik


Buddhist majority

GDP 11.1 billion

7.4% 5 year CAGR


Beijing    – 02h 15m
Moscow – 06h 50m
Tokyo      – 04h 45m
Seoul      – 03h 15m
Istanbul – 11h 45m
Berlin    – 10h 50m


Mineral products
Textiles & textile articles
Precious metals, jewellery
Products of animal origin


Mineral products
Machinery, equipment
Electronic appliances
Auto vehicles & spare parts

Doing business

Economic growth
Demographic window
Tax system
Natural resources
Telecom penetration
WTO membership
Entry barriers
Diplomatic links
Advanced technology adoption
Trade Relations
Privatization of SOEs
Strategic geographical position
Weak exchange rate
Economic freedom
Geography and climate
Presence of the new transit routes
Transport services
Banking system
Revenue volatility
Reliable statistics
Nepotism &Corruption
Integration into global economy
Infrastructure system
Population base
Inequality in rural &urban
Imported components
R&D support
Corporate governance
Economic migrants
Property price
Disorder in financial system
Small middle class
Desertification vulnerability
Competitive neighbors
Energy constraint
Sovereign debt

3 – strong       2 – moderate       1 – weak

Visa application: Easy

Fiscal year: Calendar year

Oversea salary transfer: Free

Corporate tax
Progressive (10%-25%)

Ease of doing business 64 out of 190
Starting a business 36 out of 190

Legislative framework:

Double taxation
Exemption: 29 countries

Stabilisation certificate: Yes

3 – strong       2 – moderate       1 – weak

Political stability

Flawed democracy (Democracy Index, 2016). Ranked
at 61 out of 194 (Political Stability Index, 2015).

Lower labour costs

The hourly rate for the minimum wage is MNT 1,500
(US$0.6). As of 2016, the average monthly wage rate is
MNT942.9 thousand (US$380).

Lower level of tax

22nd best in the total tax rate indicator (Global
Competitiveness Index, 2016). Up to MNT1.5
billion, a marginal rate of 1% may apply. Up to
MNT3 billion, a marginal rate of 10%. Above
MNT3 billion, a marginal rate of 25% applies.
Income tax treaties for the avoidance of double
taxation with 34 countries.

Favourable trade relations

WTO member since 1997. The EU GSP Plus.
The Japan-Mongolia EPA since June 2016.

Investment incentives

Tax and Non-Tax incentives. Qualified projects
enjoy a stable tax environment (Investment Law
of Mongolia, 2013).

Safer and peaceful

Among countries in the high state of peace. Globally 50
and the Asia-Pacific regional ranking 5 (Global Peace
Index, 2016). No territorial dispute with its neighbors.

Strategic geographical location

Brings production closer to the Asian markets.
Intermodal freight transport:
Ulaanbaatar to Beijing 1 – 2 days,
Port of Incheon 4 days.
Port of Busan 5 – 6 days,
Port of Osaka 6 days,
Port of Hong Kong – 8 days,
and Port of Singapore 13 – 14 days.

Market openness

Among the most open in the world with
score of 0.83519 out of 1 (Chinn-Ito index, 2014).

Younger and educated population

7 of 10 are under 40. Literacy rate at 98%.

Business analytics

The promise of data analytics extends well beyond deciphering yesterday’s business climate. The exploration of data provides insights into business activities that help the business entities to unlock tremendous opportunities of better performances. In other words, significance of data rises from its unquestionable treatment as a strategic asset that is to be effectively leveraged for competitive advantage.
In an increasingly data complexity, we deploy the country’s best practices in business analytics for faster, better decision making, helping you to utilise the power of datasets and enhance your business’s effectiveness & efficiency.

Market research

Successful business ventures are all alike, accurate information. A serious obstacle to making investment decision in the developing market has been lack of accurate and reliable market information. It is difficult there, but not impossible, to find deep market database as a solution always comes.
With our access to the various databases and expertise of unlocking value from data, we conduct in-depth market research to reveal characteristics of your business target and ensure that you are on a right path to your business goals.

Project management

Project management has been the style of integrating different types of knowledge and skills and coping with the increasing product complexity, technological uncertainty, more demanding customers, and fast changing markets. Hence, it is not limited to specific industries such as construction, software technology, and manufacturing, despite its longtime involvement. Yet it has spread to all avenues of work.
We have significant access to the historic project cases of successes and failures, and a strong network of local project management professionals. Our service in project management has a commitment to ensuring your business case is secured and your target outcomes are realised.

Risk management

Every business endeavour has some risks. The risks you may encounter in some new market vary from case to case. Potentially harmful as mismanaged, risk nevertheless could be neutralised, turning those uncertainties to your advantage. Properly managed, risks even produce a competitive advantage as not only you face them, your competitors do or vice versa.
Our service in risk management not only helps you apply risk management principles and practices within your activities, but offers practical solutions to the ongoing challenges and monitors them until your desired outcome is secured.


A strategy for any ambitious business venture in those markets where the culture, both business and social, is substantively different than your own is much more than plan as those traditional strategy approaches once highly effective in your domestic market may face more and more challenges. Yet a strategy which understands and values different cultures is crucial to secure your success in the new market.
Our goal is to help our clients develop and deliver winning strategies and planning processes, so that their business potential is fully utilised. We work closely with our clients to ensure that strategy and execution are linked with clear accountabilities.


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